Our Talc is highly lamellar and very soft having 1 Mohs hardness level. This natural property has a lot of benefits in papermaking and advised to use as filler and pitch control. In the paper industry, industrial minerals are widely used as pulp and paper modifiers. Amongst the different minerals that can be used in such application, talc plays a role of functional filler, intended to improve some specific properties of paper.

Higher aspect ratio offers exceptional barrier properties that minimize water vapor.
Efficient ink transfers that result in improved quality of the image.
Water repugnant and barrier property makes them the best ingredient to be used for barrier coatings.

Key Traits of our Talc

Talc Grade: ISO standard

ProductBrightnessParticle SizeChemical PropertiesRemark
ISO STD.(%)(µ) Top CutSiO2 %MgO %CaO %
Paper 8585 ±140 ± 0.561300.7High Level of Purity & Lamellar structure Talc
Paper 9090 ±140 ± 0.561300.7
Paper 9595 ±125 ± 0.561300.7