Talc is widely used in the ceramics industry in both bodies and glazes. In low-fire art-ware bodies, it imparts whiteness and increases thermal expansion to resist crazing. In stonewares, small percentages of talc are used to flux the body and therefore improve strength and vitrification. It’s used in the manufacturing of ceramic product sanitaryware, Tableware, Insulator, Electrical Porcelain and Wall and floor Tiles, The mechanical property boosts modules rupture as well as perspective stableness in its every application. It provides better optical and mechanical characteristics of sanitary ware glazes.

Key Traits of our Talc:

Talc Grade

ProductWhitenessParticle SizeChemical PropertiesRemark
(%)(µ) Top CutSiO2 %MgO %CaO %
JD 903090 ±140 ± 0.561300.5Talc give Better optical and mechanical characteristics and favorable after Firing Whiteness
CERA TALC 93 ±132 ± 0.561300.5