Paints and Coatings

“Talc is an excellent multi-functional filler and extender in waterborne. Talc is also a good solvent-borne where they enhance optical, mechanical barrier properties. It enhances hiding powers and produces affordable extenders. Improves the polishability and gel coat sand ability. Talc exceptional properties have many benefits to enamels, varnishes, putties, body fillers, mortars, and asphalts.”

SHIVANTA JD TALC is a well-known talc producer for the Indian as well as Global paint and coating industry. Their talc for paint and coating is an excellent choice.

Key Traits of our Talc:

Talc can help you with

Talc Grade

ProductWhitenessParticle SizeChemical PropertiesRemark
(%)(µ) Top CutSiO2 %MgO %CaO %
JD 2096 ±120 ± 0.561300.3Wide use grade of Hydrophobic Talc for Excellent hiding power Improve water, alkali & level of stain resistance.
Steatite 2092 ±120 ± 0.5492510
Steatite 40 90 ±132 ± 0.5492510