“Highly pure and clean, laminar talc for plastic material help in improving the performance of polyolefin chemical compounds such as polypropylene (PP). The possible applications are almost infinite.”

Here are plenty of plastic applications where engineering polymers are commonly used. Such polymer matrixes are normally characterized by high mechanical and functional fillers to boost their strong points.

Functional fillers, such as Talc, can provide significant improvements maximizing the service temperature of the polymer. Because of its lamellar structure, talc behaves as a reinforce, without negatively affecting either dimensional stability or aesthetics. For this reason, 

When extremely high mechanical performances together with high whiteness are requested, Talc plays an important role. Industrial and mechanical goods, the basic characteristics include tensile strength.

Key Traits Of Our Talc

Talc Grade

ProductWhitenessParticle SizeChemical PropertiesRemark
(%)(µ) Top CutSiO2 %MgO %CaO %
JD-Super Fine99 ±0.520 ± 0.561300.3Highly pure and functional fillers for Masterbatch and engineering and Automotive compounding
JD Super 50098 ±0.520 ± 0.561300.3
JD 2096 ±0.520 ± 0.561300.3