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Would you take any medication if you could not be sure its ingredients were absolutely sterile and safe? JD Talc produce only the purest, finest talc for the pharmaceutical and medical fields – so you don’t have to swallow any pills that are more bitter than they should be.
JD Talc pharmaceutical talc makes powders and pills easier to manufacture and to use. It is sterilized by gamma radiation, is free of fibres and has a defined particle size. Our Microtalcs Pharma 8 and Pharma 30 are very pure laminar talcs with very high brightness, ideally suited for pharmaceutical and medical uses. The pharmaceutical line is supplemented by Microtalc Pharma 50 which is even suitable for baby powder.

You may not notice it, but our talc is helping you get better even as you take your medication. It has no known allergenic, skin or eye-irritating properties, and it gets your medicine where it is supposed to go. Talc is employed both as an active and auxiliary agent, e.g. as a carrier for pharmaceuticals with a disinfectant, anti-itching or cooling effect.

At JD Talc, we make sure our talc is pure.