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Pulp & Paper

Pulp cleanliness is critical for runnability in both pulp and paper production. In virgin pulp production, the main cause of runnability problems is wood pitch which forms deposits in screens, filters, pipes and storage tanks leading to excessive broke and bad dewatering.

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Paints & Coatings

Wet scrub resistance pure talcs improve the wet scrub resistance of decorative paints, in contrast to talcs containing chlorite (mg-al-silicate), which is not hydrophobic. E. G. The choice of talc can make the difference between a class 1 and a class 2 paint (according to iso …). 

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Plastics and Rubber

Talcs reduce the viscosity of rubber compounds, thereby facilitating the processing of molded parts. They also improve extrudate qualities, increasing production rates and enhancing the UV radiation resistance of exterior parts such as automotive profiles.

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Application of talc in pharmaceuticals has an essential role to play. It supports in processing the fine usage of talc so as to make medicines the best in terms of usage.

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Polyester Putties

Talc is a very important functional filler in putty made of unsaturated polyester, e.g. for car and truck bodies. It is used here in proportions of up to 60% by weight. Thus, the quality of the putty ingredient “talc” has a significant effect on putty performance.

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In the commercial and personal care sectors, talc is very important as a base material for powders and rouge. Talc is inert and soft touch which greatly improves the texture of cosmetic products.

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