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White Gold: Talc Production

Talc has been used for many years for various purposes and JD Talc micronized the best quality of Soap Stone Lumps extracted from its own mines to manufacture Soap Stone Talc that is widely used in many industries like Cosmetics, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, Electric cables, Food, Rubber Paint, and coatings, Plastics, Paper making, Baby powder.

Production at JD Minerals

Blockage Removal: Most of the mines JD Talc operates on are open-pit mines. The process starts with the removal of the waste rocks covering the talc vein which is been removed using giant earth movers that can shift up to fifteen hundred tons of talc rock per hour.

Extraction: The Talc Rock that is exposed is then extracted using various tools and advanced shovels. At this stage, different ore types are sorted as they are extracted from the seam. Using the conventional cut, cemented backfill, and other methods, the talc is extracted from the open-cast mines.

Sorting: Various talc ores are sorted according to their talc content. Laser and Image Analysis, Friction Sorting and Flotation method are used keeping the brightness of the Talc as the key phase of the production process.

Milling: Once the Ores are dried, crushed, grounded and micronized, several other complex processes are executed until the right particle size and top cut is achieved. In-house techniques like compressed air, steam and impact milling in JD Talc are conducted under strict observation and expertise.

Talc Treatment: JD Talc provides talc like Amine-coated Talcs for fertilizers, Silane-coated Talcs used in the rubber industry and Cationic Talcs for controlling pitch in Papermaking and also a certain type of Talcs that are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. These are defined under certain grade talc and required a different kind of treatment before becoming the final product.

jd talc jumbo bag

Packaging: Talc powder is delivered in any quantity using HDPE bags, Jumbo bags, Paper bags & loose bulk. Talc powder is an exceedingly fine substance like a dust, made up of very fine particles and creates lots of dust during deliveries, especially during long-distance deliveries. JD Talc incorporates excellent packaging materials and a proficient team that performs smooth and timely packaging of any size orders before dispatching it for shipping.