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Did you know?

“Highly pure and clean, laminar talc for plastic material help in improving the performance of polyolefin chemical compounds such as polypropylene (PP). The possible applications are almost infinite.”

Talc is versatile in nature. Talc isn’t only used in motor vehicle plastics and home appliances, but also in food product packagings such as acid-resistant keep-fresh packages and yogurt pots, in laptop housings and in home window profiles.


  • High Purity

  • Excellent Whiteness and Brightness

  • Lamellar Structure.

  • Our talc help in reducing the viscosity of rubber compounds

  • Our talc provides great mechanical property

  • Our talc is Silica-free and has minimum iron content.

  • Our talc help in improving extrudate qualities

  • Good UV radiation resistance

  • Good compression resistance

  • High-temperature rigidity