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Did you know?

“The paper industry comes with an enormous impact on global forests. This sector, which includes products such as office and catalogpaper, glossy paper, tissues and paper-based product packaging, uses over 42 % of all industrial wood traded internationally. And, the US continues to be one of the world’s major paper consumers.”

Our Talc is highly lamellar and very soft having 1 on the Mohs hardness level. This natural property has a lot of benefits in papermaking and advised to use as filler and pitch control.

Key Traits of our Talc

  • High Level of Purity

  • Our product whiteness and brightness is excellent that is available in the range of 85% – 98%

  • Our product structure is Lamellar.

  • Using our product as a filler, it provides excellent smoothness, porosity, and opacity to paper in addition to lowering the cost.

  • Our product as compared to GCC it is less abrasive