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Did you know?

“Talc is an excellent multi-functional filler, and extender in water borne. Talc is also a good solvent borne where they enhance optical and mechanical properties. Talc exceptional properties have many benefits to enamels, varnishes, putties, body fillers, mortars, and asphalts.”

JD Talc is a well-known talc producer for the Indian as well as Global paint and coating industry. Their talc for paint and coating is an excellent choice.

Key Traits of our Talc:

  • Excellent brightness and whiteness

  • Pure and gentle.

  • The surface of pure talc is hydrophobic.

  • Our talc provides excellent colour and brilliance to paint.

  • Our talc can control absorption of oil.

  • Excellent hiding power

  • Improve water, alkali & level of stain resistance.

  • Our talc has macrocrystalline structure

  • Our pure talc can also replace partially TiO2

Talc can help you with

  • Architectural & Decorative Paints

  • Wood coatings

  • Industrial paints

  • Metal paints

  • Organic paints

  • Gel coats.

  • Improve water, alkali & level of stain resistance.

  • Corrosion resistance & barrier properties

  • Color concentrates